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Respect is something that must be earned by being respectful of others. We  hope to earn yours by helping you to make wise decisions with regards to your firearms.
NRAProtecting gun owners and their rights since 1871. Join the millions of gunowners fighting to defend the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans.

Generally, integrity can be defined as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. It is the ability to act within the confines of ones compass. We believe the firearms culture is one of trust and integrity. We aim to continue this tradition in the way we do business.

USCCAIn the event that you should have to protect yourself with your handgun, you will need to make sure you can protect yourself in court. For a few bucks per month you can rest easy that someone has your back.

You can expect us to adhere strictly to courtesy, honesty and responsibility in our dealings. Whenever possible, we look for opportunities to go above and beyond basic requirements. Our work ethic is an indication of our personal values and it is reflected in the pride we take in our work.

offOregon Firearms Federation. Oregon's no-compromise voice for gun owners. With the help of Gun Owners of America, these guys protect the gun rights of Oregonians.

Before leaving our facility, every firearm is safety checked, and if necessary test fired at the range. You will never be handed a firearm that we would be uncomfortable handing over to a family member. Safety is our number one priority.